Posted by: FrankLee Anatra | June 14, 2010

The Vine has moved!

The Vine at Hodgepodge

The Vine at Hodgepodge Photo by Winter Thorn

Winter and I have moved Cafe the Vine and {what next} to a new sim location!

The region is called Hodgepodge (we just love that name!). Come on by and explore the land we’ve carefully created for our visitors. You can res a bicycle and tour the entire island or take in the view from the Vine’s new home atop a sheer cliff as the old scaffolding teeters over the edge. Have a drink at the bar. We’ve done our best to make a peaceful and romantic getaway for you – and we’re not done yet!

Look for our grand re-opening live music gala soon.

Cafe the Vine, where live music always has a home!

Here’s the Vine’s new slurl.

Posted by: FrankLee Anatra | June 14, 2010

Had some fun with Live n Kickin’

FrankLee on Live n KickinThe show went off without a hitch to speak of! Had a great time playing my originals. Thanks go out to all the fans for coming to The Vine for the performance – and thank you to Delinda, Texas, SuperDave and all the good folks at Live n Kickin’! Here’s the show as recorded on May 11th, 2010.

Posted by: FrankLee Anatra | May 10, 2010

Cafe the Vine hosts Live n Kickin’

Live n KickinThe popular TreetTV show Live n’ Kickin will be bringing their cameras to The Vine on Tuesday, May 11th at 9pm SLT to record a FrankLee Anatra concert of all original music. Winter and I hope you can turn out to be in the audience and get your avatar on TV. Everyone is advised to arrive early at around 8:30 to get a good spot as the show is usually packed.

It will be filmed and broadcast live at this location on the internet, then shown later on the website for archived viewing.

Posted by: FrankLee Anatra | May 10, 2010

Dual streaming at Cafe the Vine!

Kellee Blaylock and FrankLee Anatra dual streaming their show

Kellee Blaylock and FrankLee Anatra dual streaming their show. Photo by Jazmine Westerlow

We had a lot of fun at The Vine on Saturday Night, May 8th. The most excellent Ceedj Beaumont (who’s got it going on) opened the evening at 7:30 with a half-hour of acoustic music and then Kellee Blaylock and I got together for an hour-long dual streaming session.

I was first on the stream making me the only one who didn’t hear the whole show as it was happening, but luckily it was recorded. Winter and I would like to thank Simon Janic and Ceedj Beaumont for capturing the audio and turning it into an mp3 file for us all. You can grab the file here! It’s about 50 minutes long and 73MB in size.

Also check out Chibi Lexenstar’s excellent video on Facebook of us doing the Beatles tune “All My Loving”

Thank you to all who stopped by for a listen. We can’t wait to do that again!

Posted by: winterthorn | May 7, 2010

FrankLee Live at 8pm tonight (May 7th)

Frank’s playing at the Athena de Acropolis tonight at 8pm SLT, hope you can make it!

It’s a beautiful romantic venue, so bring a date if you can!

Posted by: FrankLee Anatra | December 9, 2009

Christmas at the Vine!

Vine Christmas 2009 01 We’ve decked the halls at the Vine and are ready for the Christmas party on Saturday night, December 12. FrankLee Anatra and Ceedj Beaumont return to perform at 7pm Second Life time. Vine Christmas 2009 05Christmas songs galore! Happy holidays everyone!

Posted by: FrankLee Anatra | March 24, 2009

Welcome, fellow live music lovers!

Greetings! Thank you for stopping by. Winter and I are working diligently to construct and prepare The Vine for its grand opening. Please stay tuned for information and scheduling. We’re very excited!